Waldorf University and Apprentice Now Forge Strategic Partnership to Advance Career-Ready Education


Forest City, IA – Waldorf University is pleased to announce a dynamic collaboration with Apprentice Now, a leading workforce development organization, to create an innovative pathway for Apprentice Now students to enhance their career readiness and marketability through higher education. This strategic partnership aligns with both institutions' commitment to providing practical and impactful education for students preparing to enter the workforce.

The collaboration between Waldorf University and Apprentice Now aims to foster a seamless transition for students from Apprentice Now training to a Waldorf University degree. Many courses taken through Apprentice Now can be applied directly towards credits needed for an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree at Waldorf. A complete transferability grid is available online.

"We are thrilled to join forces with Apprentice Now to enhance the educational journey for students across the country. This partnership reflects our shared vision of preparing students not only with academic excellence but also with the practical skills and experiences necessary for success in their chosen careers," said Cory Brown, Waldorf University Vice President of Operations, Marketing and Outreach.

Waldorf University and Apprentice Now are committed to creating a model for innovative education that responds to the demands of the ever-changing job market. By combining academic rigor with practical experiences, this partnership will empower students to graduate with not only a degree but also a competitive edge in their chosen fields.

For more information about the Waldorf University and Apprentice Now partnership, please visit w.337jy.com/apprentice-now and http://apprenticenow.com/.


About Apprentice Now

Apprentice Now offers innovative solutions for employers and job seekers, including a unique curriculum focused on job-relevant skills, experienced instructors, and a distinctive recruiting process. With more than 3,000 learning modules in technology and skilled trades, Apprentice Now caters to various industries, offering turnkey apprenticeships, train-to-hire programs, and direct staffing services. Apprentice now also provides upskilling for current employees, enhancing a company’s existing workforce to meet the increasing complexity of skills-based jobs. For more information, visit their website at www.apprenticenow.com.


About Waldorf University

Waldorf University has been serving students since its founding in 1903 in Forest City, IA and continues to do so both on campus and online. Waldorf has over 120 fully online Certificate, Associate, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degrees with flexible 8-week courses and 11 term start dates per year.  Waldorf’s student-centered approach to learning ensures a supportive environment for both traditional learners on campus, and online students across the globe. For more information about Waldorf University, visit their website at w.337jy.com.